New paper presented in ERSA 2020

Material and immaterial regional interdependencies; using the web to predict regional trade flows.

Social Network Sites and Knowledge Transfer: an Urban Perspective

Knowledge spillovers, cities and social network sites.

Applied Machine Learning Days, Lausanne 2020

My talk in AMLD.

Local Internet Content

CDRC hosts the data and the code we developed to measure the volume of Local Internet Content in the UK during 2001-2012 using the JISC UK Web Domain Dataset. The above accompany our paper in CEUS: Tranos, E., and C. Stich. 2020. Individual internet usage and the availability of online content of local interest: A multilevel approach. Computers, Environment and Urban Systems 79:101371. Our research was funded by a CDRC Innovation Fund.

Web Archives: A Tool for Geographical Research?

A blogpost for the [UK Web Archive](